Toontrack releases Post-Rock EZX

Post-Rock EZX


Quality drums, tailored for post-rock, but reaching way beyond any genre.

Toontrack has brought out possibly the world’s most comprehensive palette of drums tailored for post-rock – kits fit for anything from the most subtle, open soundscapes to explosive outbursts and crescendos.

Dramatic. A force of nature. Unpredictable and almost cinematic.” When asked how to put words to the term post-rock, these were the first that came to mind for Birgir Jon Birgisson and Arnar Gislason, engineer and drummer behind the EZX with the same name. Faithfully recorded in Iceland’s Sundlaugin Studios these drums are savage and ready to be used for adding definite colour to your next project.

Post Rock EZX is available on the DontCrack store.

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