Overloud’s TH3 is Finally HERE !


Overloud has released the much anticipated TH3,  Overloud’s Flagship Guitar Amp Simulator is  FINALLY AVAILABLE !

Imagine you have a tool to express your talent with the best tones ever. Imagine people listening to your guitar tracks and saying “wow ! how did you get that killer tone ?”

Imagine you have more than 200 convolution guitar amp models including the hottest guitar amplifiers and that these, for the first time, in a software form, cannot be distinguished from a real amp ? Well, that’s just what’s about THE brand new “Overloud TH3” !!!

The Overloud’s TH3 is an incredible creative tool that allows you to craft your personal tones and explore the limits of  YOUR instruments.

You can transform your electric guitar into great new worlds like synth-based tones using the “ring modulator” or turn your guitar into a wild organ simply using the incredible “tone-maker”.

Import any third party external Impulse libraries to extend your TH3 without any sort of limits !

The  AMAZING Overloud TH3 is available at a special introductory price until the 30TH of November from the DontCrack Store.

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