Magic AB Version 2 available on Promo at DontCrack!

“Brand New” to the DontCrack store today, we’re proud to announce the availability of Sample Magic’s Magic AB. If you want to improve your mixing skills, A/B referencing is one of the best ways to do it, and, Magic AB is the tool for it.

Magic AB is a simple, yet, powerful reference track tool that allows you to switch between the audio you are working on with DAW playback and up-to 9 of what you think are the greatest mixes to reference instantly, at the click of a mouse button.

A/B referencing plays an essential part in production, mixing and mastering, and Magic AB offers an infinitely faster, easier and more accurate method to compare multiple audio streams to those currently available in any DAW. With various modes available for playback, including: latch, loop and host sync, and up-to 4 cue points per reference file.

Magic AB is available at $69 on The DontCrack Store.

Here’s what ‘Top Engineers’ say about this incredibly useful plug-in

Dave Pensado writes…
“Magic AB is a time saver, a hard drive space saver and it allows you the control you need to really reference…”

Pete Boxsta Martin writes…
“Magic AB is totally amazing; I use it every day…”

Bobby Owsinski writes…
“I use it on every new track to balance the sound right from the start…”

Joachim Garraud writes…
“I’m using this amazing plug-in every day…”

Magic AB


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