Nomad Factory Bus Driver Becomes “Donation-Ware”


As you probably know Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory did this great plug-in as a ‘thank you’ for all the good wishes during his illness. He would have been proud of the incredible number of people who are now using the Bus Driver to enhance their audio tracks.

Bus Driver recently surpassed the BIG 50, YES over 50,000 FREE Bus Driver plug-ins have been delivered throughout the world. Thank you all, we hope you’re enjoying the plug-in and making great use of it!

Believe it or not some internet trolls have taken advantage of the situation by processing hundreds of Bus Driver, using virtual emails in the hope of making some quick profit on it when it is no longer FREE of charge, as it was planned. Yes, some people are that low, getting as many as they can, just to make some cheap easy money :-/

Well, while we have blocked these fraudulent acts, we have come to the decision that Bus Driver will from now on be “Donation-Ware” or simply FREE of charge, it is your choice!

Please use the following voucher code at check-out to get your FREE Bus Driver Plug-in.

VOUCHER CODE : freebusdriver

But, if you really like this cool product and want to help us keep Nomad Factory in business, you may donate anything you want. We will smartly invest every single dollar in R&D in order to keep Nomad Factory up and running, and producing the great plug-ins we all know and love.

Thanks so much you for your support, your involvement and generosity!



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