Nomad Factory Update Bus Driver

Nomad Factory have released an update for their prestigious plug-in: Bus Driver. The plug-in, still “FREE” or available as donation-ware, adds a new detector algorithm for thier compressor, which now supports true stereo compression 100% L/R panned.

Having listened to customers to fix an issue with zero compression at panning extremes, Nomad Factory developers have implemented this as an addition to their Center detection model (which works only through 99% panning L/R). They are extremely excited about their detection specs and hope to create some further useful tools for mix and mastering engineers with this new technology find in the future!


BUS DRIVER (version 1.03) :
Available at The DontCrack Store.
Download Demo and Updates here.

  • Compressor Dectection Mode – Center (original/default) or Stereo (new)

Bus Driver


Center Mode :

  • This is the original mode and is set ‘default’ for all instances, for backwards compatibility in your sessions. It detects the center part of the signal (not to be confused with Mid or Stereo summing), a new style “detector algorithm”.

    Note: It does not compress past 99% left/right, so you will not see gain reduction occur at the extremes of the stereo image (100%).

  • Center mode is for those that want more aggressive attack through compression (with panning 0-99% left/right), as the signal detection focuses on the source and brings it to the forefront of the mix.

Stereo Mode :

  • This is the NEW mode for signal detection. It sums both channels to mono before applying compression (this one is “Classic ‘Mid’ Detection”), not to be confused with a dual-mono compressor that compresses one channel at a time.

    Stereo mode is for sources you wish to soften with compression (at the stereo image edge, 100% panning left/right), and sit back a little in the mix with less attack. Great for ballads, synths, and stereo spread acoustic instruments (guitars).

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