SoundLib updates Samplit to v2.1

SoundLib has updated Samplit, their Automatic Sampling Solution, to v2.1.

Samplit 2.1

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Recording in 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit.
  • Recording in mono and stereo.
  • Note name added to the exported samples.
  • Each program has its own MIDI bank change and MIDI program change.
  • New project editor to edit the list of programs in a project.
  • New mapping editor, with menu and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Redesigned conversion window.
  • Mapping preview inside the project wizard.
  • MIDI monitor to display the MIDI in events.
  • Most fields can now be edited with the keyboard.
  • Sample QuickView to easily spot any recording error.

Samplit 2.1 is now available on The DontCrack Store.

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