Ueberschall’s Latest Soundbank, 80s Synthwave!

Ueberschall has a new Soundbank for fans of the sounds of the fabulous era of pop music, 80s Synthwave.

This is a collection of 80s Synth Music elements made for right now!

Instrumentation includes electronic drums, massive bass synths, multiple synth parts including arpeggiated lines, lead melodies, chord and pads and various sound effects. The sound sources are based upon classic synth hardware with both digital and analog synths used. Instruments include the Prophet 5, OB-X, DX-7 and other FM synths.

Drum sounds are inspired by Linndrum, Oberheim DMX, Simmons SDS and the classic 909. Both pre-mixed drum loops and separate loops for individual kit elements such as kick, snare, hi-hat and cymbals are provided, making it easy to craft your own drum mix or to construct a breakdown. Effects used included gated reverb. Single-shot drum samples are also included.

80s Synthwave is now on sale at The DontCrack Store.


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