Tek’it ‘DlayR’ updated to v1.2!

Tek’it have an unique delay plug-in, DlayR that we love, and it has just been updated to version 1.2.

It is a pattern controlled delay effect plug-in that can be used to create delay, stutter and filter effects sync on the beat of your track.

DlayR gives you much more than the average delay as you can control six parameters at a time. Using 16 step sequencers, you can adjust feedback, color, mix, delay length R/L and time parameters. Then you can add to the mix 3 filter types to color your effect, using the tube saturation and the soft limiter to give it more even character.

This update’s focus is mainly on usability improvements with individual undo on knobs and a better DAW transport.

DlayR 1.2 is available right now for only $42 at The DontCrack Store.

DlayR 1.2


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