3 New Products from Meldaproductions!

One of the most largest plug-in families on DontCrack just got bigger. Meldaproductions has added three great new plug-ins to their comprehensive list of products, MBassador, MTurboComp and MTurboEQ.

MBassador will tighten your bass and create deep sub-bass so people can feel the music. It lets you post-process the bass content so that it is stable and tight and contains higher harmonics, so that it is audible even when played on a cheap pair of headphones that so many listeners use these days. A must-have.

MTurboComp is a radically new approach to emulating vintage Classic Compressors. Meldaproductions designed a dynamics processor so versatile, that it could simulate almost anything. The emulations were designed by machine learning. All the various models don’t sound exactly the same, after all not even the originals don’t sound exactly the same going from one machine to another. But maybe MTurboComp sounds better then the originals. Just try it and have a listen for yourself.

MTurboEQ is a unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by most of the well-known classic hardware. It’s not one of them, it’s all of them! It speeds up the workflow tremendously by providing access to so many classic equalizers in a single click. But it doesn’t stop there. The controls in each hardware model were very different, and very weird in many cases, so one had to take a lot of time learning to work with such a clumsy interface. MTurboEQ with its easy to use interface lets you use various emulations to get great results immediately

Meldaproductions plug-ins are available right now on the DontCrack Store.

MBassador Video

MTurboComp Video

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