LEVELS – Life Insurance for Mixing Music!

We are constantly looking for products that we think DontCrack should have on the store to help our clients to have an easier life. LEVELS is one of these products.

Mixing music should be a joyful pastime. Polishing your tracks, coloring them, putting everything into a framework that lets the beauty and excitement shine through.

But then there are the doubts…. Too much this…not enough that. Is there enough bass, or too much? Will half of it disappear if it is heard in mono? Will it lack dynamics and punch? How could it sound wider? And in the end you have to compete in the loudness wars…How can you be really sure you are not committing errors that prevent the full glory of your hard work being heard correctly by your audience.

LEVELS, will go a long way in giving you peace of mind. LEVELS was developed by a mastering engineer who kept seeing the same mistakes every time in mixes his clients were bringing to him. So he decided to do something about by providing easy to use tools that let you see how the Levels of your mixes are shaping up.

Mastering The Mix has created a plugin that they say will help everyone get a technically excellent final mix. In a world where metering plugins are mostly unintuitive and uninteresting, they set out to create something that people wanted to use. A faultlessly accurate tool with engaging and clear visuals.


LEVELS is actually available at only $79! (MSRP $129) today on the DontCrack Store.

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