BeatSkillz Black Friday Deals

Our good friends at BeatSkillz are having great promo’s up-to 35% off through November 27th, 2016 on all products. Read a brief overview and more details on each product page, and catch these great deals whilst they last!


Retro KZ is a Virtual Instrument rompler inspired from 80′s Soundtracks for Films and TV, as well as Pop Music. It features the sounds you’ve heard countless times from that era and always wanted but couldn’t find! Well, here they are, sampled from original 80′s Synths and samplers using high-quality outboard gear for maximum fidelity.


Retro Hit is inspired from the pop/dance and rock sound of popular bands and artists from the 1980′s. The plug-in provides 50 Drum kits of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals, Claps, Toms, FX and Percussion which are available as processed versions already treated with eq, compression and reverb, and also some dry versions.

Retro Bundle

BeatSkillz have packaged together Retro Hit and their new Retro KZ virtual instruments into one awesome bundle at a fantastic price…!

Slam Dawg

Easily “HEAT” up your beats , busses, tracks or entire mixes by easily dialing in Tube Harmonics, making your sounds “FULL” & “RICH”, widen your tracks with full mono compatibility with just one dial, or dial in some “AIR” (High Frequency Clarity).

Urban Producer Bundle

When producing and delivering beats to clients, producers rarely have the time or patience to work with complex plugins with confusing parameters.

Beatskillz has come up with the Urban Producers Bundle which contains 3 of their top selling plugins, greatly speeding up the process of creation. This pack includes Drop-X, That Thing and Slam Pro.

Slam Pro

SLAM PRO is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width and Loudness of your track. All these sections of this amazing plug-in come with selections for different “Flavours”.


Valvesque is a Stereo Valve (Tube) Distortion EQ. The plug-in models the sound of British Valve Distortion found on major hit records of today, and also features a Varislope Equalizer for an always musically pleasing sound. It has been designed with proprietery “Reactive Transients Technology” (RTT).


DropX is a very easy to use Drag & Drop Sampler plugin with Beat Repeat. The plugin can contain upto 3 layers of samples which are auto-mapped by pitch as soon as they are dropped in the sample window per layer.

DropX comes with over 250 Presets containing : KICKS, SNARES, HATS, CYMBALS, CLAPS, BASS, SYNTH, TEXTURES, VOX & CHORDS to get you started. More Sound Banks are currently in the works.


BOUNCE is a transparent yet versatile compressor that can do subtle compression to full thrusting and punchy sounds. Featuring a Detection Section, where you can select the frequency band (range) which you can feedback into the compressor to create the desired shape of your sound.

BOUNCE works great on anything from Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars and Acoustic Instruments to the entire Mix and also great for Mastering Audio.

Bollywood Maharaja

This is a genre defining library in itself! The plugin is well designed to fit in your workflow with 100 kits of “perfectly” engineered sounds which go well together and cater to your Trap, Hiphop, OVO, EDM or your own new genre. Whether you a Beatmaker or a film composer looking for new sounds, this plugin library will amaze you!

*1200 one shot drum sounds organized in to 100 Kits (2.5 GB) in the plugin and also contain 1200 wav files for you to load in your hardware and other software samplers.

That Thing

That Thing is a multi effects processor that was designed to get you “That Thing” missing from digitally perfect tracks today. It features a beautiful wide and deep chorus section great to thicken anything from synths, vocals, bass, pads drums and other sounds.

See more information and descriptions, and all these great prices at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Black Friday Promotions

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