Flux:: Announce New and Extended Plug-In Bundle Promotions

Here are two “hot new promos”, running from our friends at Flux:: Until December 31st, 2016!

Flux:: IRCAM Studio

The IRCAM Studio bundle includes products which are the result of over twenty years of research in the realm of music related digital signal processing. Read more…

The IRCAM Studio Bundle is on promo for ONLY $299 at the Don’t Crack Store.

Flux:: Studio Session Pack

The “Studio Session Pack” that contains nothing less then 8 popular Flux:: plug-ins including the successful “Pure” series plug-ins, IRCAM Tools, BitterSweet Pro and many more.

Every plug-in contained in the “Studio Session Pack” uses exactly the same engine as their respective “professional” versions but they have been limited to fit ONLY the need of music producers that rarely record over 96k, use multi-channel options, etc. Read More…

The Studio Session Pack is on promo for ONLY $149 at the Don’t Crack Store.

FLUX:: All You Need is Pure – 60% Off Promotion!

Flux:: Pure Series Dynamics and Epure v3 – Designed to provide the ‘Purest Audio Quality’ within the domain of digital audio processing, are used by sound engineers and producers in the music, broadcast, post production, mastering and live audio industry all over the world.

Time Limited Offer, ending December 1st, 2016!

Now you can get Flux:: Pure Series Dynamics plug-ins and Epure v3 EQ with a 60% discount!

Epure V3 ($119)
Compressor V3 ($59)
DCompressor V3 ($59)
DExpander V3 ($59)
Expander V3 ($59)
Pure-Limiter V3 ($59)

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