Sonnox announces New Mastering Bundle and a huge November PROMO

It is not every day we get a new product from Sonnox. The Mastering Bundle is a must-have collection of their finest audio tools that will allow you to do a perfect mastering. And to make things even better Sonnox is celebrating by having a 50% off Promo on all their products, including the new Mastering Bundle throughout November!

It lets you sculpt tone with pinpoint accuracy, control dynamic range transparently and achieve maximum loudness, density and presence without sacrificing transient detail. Then deliver your music, with full confidence that it conforms to industry accredited true peak levels and that encoded distribution versions won’t be rejected.

The new Sonnox Mastering Bundle brings together in one package all the elements you need from Sonnox to get the best possible master for your project. These are the industry standard plug-ins that have been the choice of all the leading professional who have shaped the music and soundtracks of the last decade.

All the famous Sonnox product range is available for 50% during November on the DontCrack Store.

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