Ircam Lab update The Snail with Dual Channel Input support in v1.2.10…

Our friends at Ircam Lab are quick to respond to any call for new features, and one they’ve just added in their latest update is “dual channel input support”. So, you can now plug in two sources, left and right, and monitor, view and analyze your tuning for both channels independently. This is a great feature and one much requested by those using such instruments as the Chapman Stick with stereo output.

You may download the 1.2.10 update now from the Downloads Page for Mac, and Windows… Yes! If you didn’t catch our last newsletter or news post, The Snail is now available for Windows OS!

In support of the recent Windows OS release…
The Snail is on promo at $49 until March 31, 2017. Purchase now at the DontCrack Store.

Ircam Lab The Snail

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