NAMM 2017: IRCAM Spat V3 Spatial Processor ‘First Look’ Video

During the NAMM show, the journalists from came by to do a special ‘first look’ video at the very exciting Spat Version 3 Spatial Processor jointly developed by Ircam and Flux. It was one of the highlights of the NAMM show, the demonstration in the Plugivery demo room delighted the participants by making the sound sources move around the room in terms of height, placement and depth in a special 10.1 surround speaker arrangement.

In the video below you will see Mr. Frederic Rousseau of Ircam explaining the multitude of possibilities of the panning and movement of your sound sources in three dimensional space. The Spat V3 can work with multiple sources in the various surround formats and will handle up to 64 individual speakers for the surround sound reproduction.

This plug-in will be a game-changer for those mixers who are working with film soundtracks, those who are doing game sound effects and the next wave of artists producing soundscapes in the virtual reality 3D market when it is released in next few months.

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