Overloud release TH3 FUNK and R&B

If you have ever dreamt of being the funkiest guitar player on the block, here is what you should have. Everything you need to create incredible Funk and R&B tones, from the timeless Rhythm & Blues to the ’70s Disco and ’80s Funk style is in the TH3 FUNK and R&B.

TH3 Funk and R&B includes 80 presets designed to deliver High-Funktioning with just one click. Browse an assortment of creative, unique presets which recreates famous Funk and R&B song tones.

From pristine clean rhythmic parts, to psychedelic groves and blues solo parts! Each module has been meticulously tweaked to give players complete control over their tone.

TH3 FUNK and R&B is now available for the introductory promo price of only $69 (LIST $99) at the DontCrack Store.

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