PSP Audioware Update Stompfilter

PSP has updated Stompfilter to version 1.1.0 with some new features, new presets, and changed the authorization system to use the PACE system (a hardware ilok dongle is NOT required). The update is free for all registered users and a user will still get access to the old version of the plug-in with the old authorisation system thru their account at the PSP user area.



  • Glide function for the filter cutoff slider.
  • Adjustment of the initial phase of LFO in synchronization mode.
  • Adjustment of limiters to the range of the filter cutoff modulation with a soft knee.
  • Filter cutoff position visualization in realtime.
  • New presets dedicated for guitar from Count (DJ Shadow, Tycho, Thievery Corporation).
  • PACE authorization system.


  • Minor bugs fixed.

PSP Audioware Stompfilter is available at the DontCrack Store.

PSP Stompfilter

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