Zynaptic releases WORMHOLE and new bundles

Our extemely innovative friends at Zynaptic have released their much anticipated product WORMHOLE.

Ever since it was first demoed at the NAMM show, WORMHOLE has caused quite a buzz in the audio community.

WORMHOLE is the new indispensable multi-effects powerhouse for sound designers, music producers and film composers alike. Combining ultra-clean pitch/frequency shifting, eccentric spectral warping, dual lush reverbs, and unique dry/wet morphing.

It consists of 5 highly synergistic processing modules: the spectral WARP, the pitch/frequency SHIFT, the dual random modulated hall REVERB, a nifty little DELAY, and the dry/wet morphing FX BLEND sections. In combination with a flexible signal path, this makes WORMHOLE an ultra-fast and easy-to-use, high-end multieffects processor, that covers the full range from the subtle to the (very) extreme. Whether you’re a sound designer, music producer or ambient artist, WORMHOLE is for you.

WORMHOLE is also included in a whole new set of Zynaptic Bundles.

There is a new version of ZAP ZAP II which includes UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP, PITCHMAP, MORPH 2, UNMIX;DRUMS, ADAPTIVERB, and WORMHOLE at special introductory pricing through April 30th of $1199 List $1499.

As well, there are three new smaller bundles as follows:

The DESIGN bundle (MORPH 2, WORMHOLE, ADAPTIVERB) at special introductory pricing through April 30th of$499 List $399.

The REMIX bundle (UNMIX:DRUMS, PITCHMAP, and MORPH 2) at special introductory pricing through April 30th of $499 List $399.

The REPAIR bundle (UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP) at special introductory pricing through April 30th of $799 List $649.

WORMHOLE is available at the introductory price of $149 (MSRP $179) at the DontCrack Store.

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