Acousticsamples Announce B-5 Organ v2

Our good friends at Acousticsamples have released the B-5 Organ v2, a new product; improving on the precision of the initial model and adding an electrical simulation, more precise percussive curves, updted speaker simulation, redesigned key contact modeling, with effects like loudness robbing and the voltage stealing. And more!

The Hammond organs are very complex beasts, full of wires. Until now, the best renditions were synthesis, mainly because of how the organ works which is a set of 91 frequencies that are connected via contactors under each key and which volume is controlled by the drawbars.

Sample based libraries consist of stacking drawbar samples at the same time which works, but causes a big problem, sometimes you play the same frequency twice and because of phase cancellation, you never get the same sound twice when if you press the same keys.

Acousticsamples found a way to use the 91 frequencies synthesis approach, but using real samples, so to get the best of both worlds, the real recorded organ tone plus the real behavior and we keep access to the versatility of the drawbar controls and the tweakability of synthesis.

4 different iconic models

All of the tonewheel organs sound different, each of them has a particular voicing, a different vibrato, different percussion volumes and curves, tone generator sound and volume, click sound, harmonic leakage and many other aspects.

  • A 1968 B-3.
  • A 1960 C-3.
  • A 1969 C-3.
  • And, a 1965 A-100 with all of the particularities of each model.

Also included is Rotary Speaker Simulation, Tube Saturation, an Advanced Percussive System, Real Key Contact Modeling and lots more…!

Video :

Sounds :

Acousticsamples B-5 Organ v2 is available for $109 at the Dontcrack Store.

Acousticsamples B-5 Organ v2

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