Metric Halo `Gear Of Your Dreams` Sales Ending Soon !

Our good friends at Metric Halo are ending their `Gear Of Your Dreams` sales next month. June 18th (2017) to be exact. So, be sure to check out the incredible prices on all your favorite plug-ins from the company, and pick up a bargin!

Metric Halo has largely made its name on the merits of high-quality hardware and converters, specifically DAW interfaces like its LIO and ULN. They now offer a suite of plug-ins covering all the basics (and a few novelties) of signal processing. They are all worthy of your attention.

Pro Audio Review wrote this about their MH Production Bundle:

“I went into this MH Production Bundle review thinking that the last thing I needed were more plug-ins, but it won me over with near-effortless install/validation, simple and uncluttered GUI’s, deep feature sets, directed numerical value entry and surprisingly useful sounds/tones/effects.”

View Metric Halo’s ‘Gear Of Your Dreams’ sales, right now at the DontCrack Store.

Metric Halo - Gear Of Your Dreams

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