Nomad Factory Analog Studio Rack Promo

If anyone knows how to do the ‘Analog Sound’ it is Nomad Factory and the Analog Studio Rack is one of the best examples. If you haven’t tried it you need to take it out for a test drive and put it onto any of your tracks and make them ‘warm’.

Analog Studio Rack is a “Modular Rack” that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp; the perfect all-in-one channel strip!

Inspired by a classic and famous British console for its Gate/Expander, Comp/Limiter, Bus Compressor and EQ, a modified Exciter, a Tube Driven Pre-Amp and another famous mid 1950′s EQ, the AS-Rack brings together a suite of 7 modules expertly tuned to sound musical. True analog in the box!

Features :

  • AS – Preamp
  • AS – Gate Expander (inspired by SSL)
  • AS – Comp Limit (inspired by SSL)
  • AS – Exciter (inspired by BBE Sonic Maximizer)
  • AS – State EQ (inspired by SSL)
  • AS – Pulse EQ (inspired by Pultec)
  • AS – Bus Comp (inspired by SSL)

Analog Studio Rack is available for the promo price of $49 (list $199), at the DontCrack Store.

Nomad Factory Analog Studio Rack

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