Cakewalk’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations and Updates !

Cakewalk 30 Years

May 2017 marks Cakewalk’s 30th Anniversary, and the latest SONAR 2017.05 update launches a year-long celebration with numerous new features and updates.

As part of the 30th Anniversary, this month also kicks off a year of “freebies” with 30 presets for SONAR’s QuadCurve EQ.

Finally, by popular demand the eZine that used to accompany SONAR releases has been taken to a new level as Tech+Music magazine. Intended for more than just users of Cakewalk software, each month’s issue includes tips, product reviews, articles on studio techniques, as well as info on the latest SONAR updates and more.

From tomorrow (Thursday June 15th, 2017) until August 31st, 2017…
Sonar Platinum will be on sale for only $399, at the DontCrack Store.

Sonar Platinum Sale

Ripple Editing

Ripple Editing now allows for quick, arrangement-oriented editing and moving around large blocks of music—it’s basically like editing the timeline, with any clips going along for the ride. Ripple Editing can apply to specific selections of clips, or all clips in a project. Automation, tempo changes, markers, and more obey ripple edits.

Adaptive Limiter

The Adaptive Limiter (for SONAR Professional and Platinum) goes beyond typical limiters with four different “characters,” parallel limiting, level matching for bypassed/active states, MP3 conversion with preview, inter-sample peak detection, and more that makes SONAR’s latest plug-in ideal for both mixing and mastering.

SONAR now supports Microsoft’s advancements in Pen technology. With computers like the Surface Pro and Dell Canvas, the pen offers precise control and a natural feel that complements touch. Additional improvements to the Piano Roll View and Touch response, along with several fixes implemented directly because of community feedback, make SONAR’s workflow faster and easier than ever—especially for MIDI, say Cakewalk.


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