Metric Halo ‘Gear of Your Dreams’ Sales End June 18th

Metric Halo’s “Gear of Your Dreams” sales are shortly coming to an end, on June 18th. Today we would like to shine a spotlight on the company and their great-sounding products.

Metric Halo have been around for a very long time. Their hardware interfaces set a benchmark for superb sonic quality since their release. The plug-ins that were initially designed for use with their amazing hardware products have been made available in all plug-in formats for some time now.

Metric Halo plug-ins have established a reputation with very demanding professionals as THE most sought-after software effects for creating professional sounding mixes. Metric Halo value is phenomenal and, until the 18th of June, 2017 they are on promotion at a no-brainer deal. Check-out the deals…

Metric Halo’s discounted products are available at the DontCrack Store.

Metric Halo Gear of Your Dreams Promo

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