Ueberschall Release Twelve String Electric

Ueberschall has announced the release of Twelve String Electric, a new 12-string electric guitar soundbank for their free Elastik Player.

There is something magical about the sound of the 12-string electric guitar. Its natural harmonics produce a rich, bright, sound that is immediately recognizable and hugely evocative. This library by Ueberschall captures that sound with a substantial collection of multi-part performances.

Beautiful Sound Of The Electric 12-String

With approximately 5GB of data spread across nearly 700 loops and phrases, Twelve String Guitar makes it easy to build a complete 12-string performance. The loops are organized into 80, 100 and 120 BPM groups and, within each group, multiple phrase sets are provided with both dry and FX versions of all phrases. Each phrase set itself consists of three musical sections that could, for example, be used as verse, chorus and outro. The main parts are all 16 bars in length.

For each musical section, two different guitar parts are included. A mono part plays the main line while a left/right (dry) or stereo (FX) part doubles the theme. These options provide a super-wide stereo image but also ensure 100% mono compatibility. In the FX versions, Ueberschall have added reverb and delay processing to create ambience, making these loops ready to use. The dry versions allow you to apply your own choice of effects to suit your mix.

Flexible Performance Options For Song Construction

The electric 12-string guitar brings an instant late-60s vibe to any pop tune. However, with its laid back feel and strummed and arpeggiated chord parts, Twelve String Electric is also suitable for modern pop.

Elastik Features

Twelve String Electric comes with the free Elastik Player so no sampler is required. It supports your standard AAX, RTAS, AU, and VST plug-in formats, and works as a Standalone application also for both Mac and Windows PC.

The Elastik player from Ueberschall is designed for loop-based music production. All installed Elastik libraries are organized in a clearly arranged browser, granting immediate access to all loops. The licks in Twelve String Electric can be further edited with functions such as resample, formant and reverse.

Ueberschall Twelve String Electric is available now for $79 at the DontCrack Store.

Ueberschall Twelve String Electric

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