Mixvibes software, available at the DontCrack Store !

Mixvibes software; Cross, Cross DJ, RemixLive and RemixVideo are now available for purchase at the DontCrack Store.

Mixvibes are an innovative software company of merging technologies for audio/video platform integration, support, and DJ software tools for marketed post-production, studio engineers and live performance A/V application.

Cross and Cross DJ employ powerful BPM detection to allow perfect in-sync mixing, key detection for smooth and harmonic mixies, and an abundance of features (Ableton link, MIDI control, in-built audio effects, video file import compatible with all codecs, video transition effects, and iTunes integration; to name a few) for the most in-demand and creative workflows in the industry.

Remixvideo and Remixlive offer intuitive interface software applications, both based around a modular grid system offering support for any MIDI pad controller through MIDI learn; the latter RemixLive utilizing desktop-class audio effects, independent channel mixing and high quality recording support in various formats, and former, Remxvideo, offering full control over video and music matching and real-time sample editing with support for all the main AV formats (AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG…) and video codecs (h264, HAP, M-JPEG…). Both software also come with “Ableton Link”, making it possible to easily sync them with any compatible software.

Mixvibes plug-ins are now available at the DontCrack Store.


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