DS Audio Software Thorn 1.0.1 Update

DS Audio Software ‘Thorn’ from Dmitry Sches has received it’s first update, version 1.0.1. See the details from the changelog below for update information.

Downloads are available from the Thorn product page on our site, under “demo” heading, and are activated/authorized with full license purchase.

Version 1.01 :

  • Added “Intermediate” GUI size. As well there is an additional submenu now with precise scaling steps. Click on the logo displays GUI size menu now
  • Fixed VST3 automation and mono configuration issues
  • Fixed possible crash when playing low keys
  • Fixed 32bit versions don’t show up on Mac
  • Fixed font encoding issues of Windows for some menus
  • Increased font size, adjusted GUI layout
  • Status bar does not fade out when tweaking parameters now
  • Knobs: CMD(Mac) or CTRL(Win) + mouse drag/wheel/trackpad to adjust modulation depth
  • All controls use ALT+drag for fine tuning
  • Better faders control for envelopes
  • Expanded clickable area for preset arrows
  • Manual corrections

Known issues:

There are might be GUI font and layout rendering issues on Windows for “Small” GUI size. OSX and higher GUI scales unaffected

Thorn is now available at a special introductory price of $69 ($119 List) at the DontCrack Store.

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