“Never Get Stuck Again” E-book released!

Our friends at Mastering the Mix have a new E-Book “Never Get Stuck Again” that may help you when you face the age old problem when your track isn’t working and you are not sure of the next step to take.

This book will give you the information you need so you Never Get Stuck Again. A single resource that you can turn to for inspiration and techniques to help you finish more tracks to a higher standard.

Chapters include:

  • Establishing A Strong Musical Idea
  • Structure And Arrangement
  • Building The Instrumental
  • Lyrics And Vocals
  • Collaborators – Working With A Vocalist – Working With Musicians
  • Getting A Solid Mix
  • Taking The Mix To The Next Level
  • Getting A Solid Master
  • Taking The Master To The Next Level

The “Never Get Stuck Again” E-book, is available for $35 at The Never Get Stuck Again web page.

Never Get Stuck Again

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