McDSP FutzBox Flash sale!


McDSP is running another Flash sale where you can make a huge saving off the regular price of the FutzBox. From today until the 26th of March you can get this distortion and noise generator plug-in for ONLY $49 (list $179) for the Native version and ONLY $79 (list $279) for the HD version.

Typical post productions require distorted, or ‘futzed’ versions of dialog and other tracks. Simulations of radios, cell phones, and televisions are now available in a single software product.

FutzBox also includes filtering and EQ, distortion, a noise generator, and gating to complete the sonic destruction required. Original and distorted audio can be mixed in real-time to accommodate scene changes or other automation requirements.

The McDSP FutzBox is available on flash sale at The DontCrack Store.


  • Library of Synthetic Impulse Models (SIMs)
  • Configurable ‘futz’ effects including filtering, EQ, and distortion
  • Flexible noise generator with ducking capability
  • Hyper-sensitive gate for signal dropout effects
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions

Audio Demos

FutzBox Overview

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