AAS update Objeq Delay with Native Instruments NKS support

Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay

AAS (Applied Acoustics Systems) have today released an update for Objeq Delay. Version 1.1.2 now includes NKS support for Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol and Maschine hardwares.

Objeq Delay is a creative effect plug-in combining acoustic filtering with a clever delay unit. The plate, beam, drumhead, and string objects impart evocative acoustic resonances to the input signal. Further shaping is also available via low- and high-cut filters. The in-series delay acts as a classic unit or can split the first and subsequent repeats to either remodel the attack or create complex rhythmic patterns. A LFO module completes the package with comprehensive modulation destinations to the filter, resonator, and delay parameters.

Objeq Delay is available for purchase here, at the DontCrack Store

Version 1.1.2 :


  • Added NKS support.


  • This installer can simply be run over your current installation to perform the update.
  • This installer is a full installer so you can use it as a starting point if you need to reinstall from scratch in the future.

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