Save 50% off the Kilohearts Ring Mod and Trance Gate


Kilohearts’ Ring Mod and Trance Gate are on sale until May 14th for 50% OFF. Ring Mod is now available at $15.00 (list $29.00) and Trance Gate available at $19.50 (list $39.00).

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Ring Mod

Ring modulation to transform your sounds

A ring modulator gets its name from the way the original analog schematic used a ring of diodes to multiply two signals together. Honestly the schematics is more of a square, but who cares when you can trash your sound beyond recognition in both pleasant and horrible ways?

The kHs Ring Mod uses either an internal sine/noise generator or a secondary input as the second signal in the modulation, and allows for versatile transformation of the modulating signal.

Trance Gate

Chop up your sounds to boost the rhythm

What if you could easily chop up any part of the sound into a rhythmical pattern? The world of anthem trance lies at your feet!

Trance Gate is a powerful gate sequencer plug-in which quickly adds a rhythm to a pad or lead, chops up a beat or adds more staccato to an arpeggio. Slice and dice and give your music a heartbeat.

Both these plug-ins are “Snapin”. That means you can use them as regular VST/AU plug-ins, or you can use them with the Snapin hosts Snap Heap and Multipass where you can combine effects in amazing ways.

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