Nomad Factory’s Analog Studio Rack – A great new video and a super promo!


Our good friend Jerry Mateo of ‘In the DAW’ has produced a detailed video overview of the Analog Studio Rack and the ‘magic’ it can do for your recordings. See the news!

Once you have seen it, we think you just may want to get it. Nomad Factory are running a ‘No-Brainer’ promo running until July 31, at only $29.99 instead of the regular $179 list price, that’s a huge saving of over 80%!

The Analog Studio Rack ‘No-Brainer’ promo is available here, at the DontCrack Store

Are you looking for a Channel Strip that can give you the analog sound that guarantees your recordings will stand out and be heard? Nomad Factory’s Analog Studio Rack is a ‘Modular Rack’ that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp that will do exactly that. It is the perfect all-in-one channel strip, but wait there’s more, it has a huge plus designed into it!

It has the Analog warmth that Nomad Factory has built its reputation on. That is enough to make it a ‘must-have’ plug-in but there is something else hiding under the hood. Each of the Analog Studio Rack’s 6 main modules can be placed in ANY order you desire with simple drag and drop operation. This allows you to experiment and customize until you get your ultimate combination of chained effects.

The individual AS Modules are also on sale!

AS-Bus Comp

(List $59)Promo $9.99

AS-Comp Limit

(List $59)Promo $9.99


(List $59)Promo $9.99

AS-Gate Expander

(List $59)Promo $9.99


(List $59)Promo $9.99

AS-Pulse EQ

(List $59)Promo $9.99

AS-State EQ

(List $59)Promo $9.99

Nomad Factory’s Analog Studio Rack Overview by Jerry Mateo

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