Patch Hut release Quatermass for DS Audio Software ‘Thorn’

Patch Hut Quatermass

Patch Hut have released Quatermass for DS Audio Software ‘Thorn’, a collection of 50 presets and more for this excellent spectral synth from lead developer Dmitry Sches. Available from today for $22.99 at the DontCrack Store.

Patch Hut Quatermass, available now at the DontCrack Store

With 50 great presets, 2 wavetables and 30 noise samples creating some absolute brilliant sounds. Arps, bass, pads, textures and fx are all thrown into the mix to display some dark and deep sounds.

Although this library was made with Thorn CM it plays superbly with the full version, which you can add to each sound the extra oscillator and extra fx.

This library brings a lot of texture to the sounds with low rasping synth bass and sounds that have distortion along with under the cover Lfo to create subtle movement. By contrast the pads have some nice attack and with an additional 30 wav samples added, creating your own sounds should be a walk in the park.

Features :

  • 50 presets for DS Audio Software Thorn
  • 2 wavetables
  • 30 noise samples

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