Flux:: BitterSweet Pro on Promo

Flux Bittersweet Pro Aug-Sept 2018 Promo

Flux:: BitterSweet Pro is on promo at only $79 until September 3rd, 2018! Used by thousands of users all over the world, BitterSweet Pro is your Frequency Dependent Transient algorithm that provides the ability to process only a certain part of the frequency spectrum, acting like a dynamic equalizer driven by Transients and/or Sustain.

Flux:: BitterSweet Pro, $79 until Sept. 3rd 2018, at the DontCrack Store

Common Applications:


Make your drums cut through the mix, sound punchy, alive and have energy to drive a song by increasing the amplitude of their transients directly on tracks or in parallel for ease of automation in sections. Soften transients to make a kit sound more roomy, dampen Snares (and their ring) or Toms by reducing their sustain whilst using the frequency range to fine tune tone processing.


As a compressor can effectively extend notes by raising lower level audio, so too can BitterSweet Pro by increasing sustain. But again, what’s great with this plug-in, is that you can set a frequency range to enact this process and say for example extend low-end in a Rock driven track, or in advanced use automate the frequency range for each note and sculpt the sound at the fundamental or harmonics, add excitement, beef up a guitar solo.

Room Mics

Flavour your room mics, increase the apparent size with sustain, enhance and excite the ambience with transient attack, and virtual reflective materials at selective frequencies.

And lots more…!

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