Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass on Promo at 70% Off


The Sonivox Orchestral Companion – Brass is on promo until the end of September for only $19. This collection will provide you with the depth of content you need for convincing brass parts and tracks.

Orchestral Companion – Brass is available at the $19 promo price at the DontCrack Store

Orchestral Companion – Brass is a comprehensive collection of full orchestral brass ensembles, and also a full array of smaller brass sub-groups. In addition, it provides you with a complete selection of solo instruments. Double and flutter tonguing, sustained and staccato notes, plus instrument mutes, swells, sforzando, and marcato voicing.

Each patch and preset is easily playable by virtually every level of performer. All instruments are presented in multi-velocity layers, with natural swells available via the modulation wheel. MIDI key switching provides on-the-fly articulation for select patches. The internal sound engine provides additional modulation (LFO) sources, dynamic envelope control, and studio-grade reverb/effects to allow creative customization of the onboard sounds.

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