DontCrack Exclusive – over 50% OFF on the Audified U78 Saturator and u73b Compressor!


Audified and DC have teamed up to give you a exclusive $69 promo starting today on the U78 Saturator and u73b Compressor. That’s a huge saving of more than 50% off the $149 list price. The promo is running until the end of October.

Get U78 Saturator for ONLY $69

Get u73b Compressor for ONLY $69

About the U78 Saturator :

Audified U78 Saturator is a valve saturating plug-in based on the circuitry of the famous U73b Compressor.

Almost anything is possible in the digital world. With the right skills and technology you can create absolutely anything you like… like the U78 Saturator. Audified took the circuitry of the legendary U73b compressor and played around a bit to come up with some seriously satisfying saturation!

About the u73b Compressor :

It is a faithful and unique emulation of an old German broadcast compressor/limiter unit U73b. This device was often used for mastering between 1960 and 1980.

It is an all tube vari-mu compressor/limiter with adjustable release time option. Audified kept the circuit exactly as it was originally designed and only added input and output gain (before and right after compressor circuit) to help with proper adjustment of the compression. The plug-in effect has been also supplemented with a VU meter and selectable side-chaining.

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