Touch Loops release 4 new Sample Sound Packs… !

Touch Loops October 2018 Sample Packs

Touch Loops recently released 4 new sample sound packs, and they’re available now at the DontCrack Store from $24.99. Cinematic Synths, Guitars, Torched Techno, and Astral House.

Get All Touch Loops’ Sample Packs, Here !

Cinematic Synths

Touch Loops - Cinematic Synths

Cinematic Synths showcases the finest moments of classic 80’s film soundtracks referencing the greats like The Running Man but brought bang up to date. Presenting the finest Stranger Things sample Pack, this all analogue sample pack offers a true insight into the world of film score, soundtracking and tension building from the sub heavy stabs to the ethereal piano sounds we all know and love.

Buy Now: $29.99

Cinematic Guitars

Touch Loops - Cinematic Guitars

Cinematic Guitars are a collection of incredible cinematic guitar loops and phrases that float, glide and compliment whatever composition they grace. Performed by world class session musician Carlos Butler (Temporal Geometry) this beautiful set of ambient guitar samples can operate as both a musical support or as a lead element in it’s own right.

Buy Now: $29.99

Astral House

Touch Loops - Astral House

Astral House explores the bump, the groove and the deeply swung side of cosmic house. Inspired by the likes of Glenn Astro, Max Graef & Floating Points this outer planetary sample extravaganza guarantees to get you dancing and swaying. These must be our favourite house loops and one shots to date!

Buy Now: $24.99

Torched Techno

Touch Loops - Torched Techno

Dark, twisting, marauding but truly inspirational. Torched Techno explores the more sinister side of warehouse techno, dark electronica and industrial sound design. Created by the painfully talented production genius Positive Centre, this analogue beast delivers incredible, upfront dark techno loops and one shots by the bucket load.

Buy Now: $24.99

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