All Metric Halo on Black Friday-Cyber Monday Promo at up to 89% Off


Metric Halo have started their Black Friday-Cyber Monday promos. Save up-to an incredible “89% OFF” on all their products from now until November 30th. See the deals below…

Get Metric Halo at Black Friday-Cyber Monday Promo prices at up to 89% Off

About Metric Halo Plug-ins :

Since 1995 Metric Halo has producing the highest quality hardware and plug-ins for the audio industry. Their products have a reputation for being amongst the best ever developed by any company and are used by professionals on a daily basis.

ChannelStrip is the recognized leader in console style channel strip audio processing for digital audio workstations. As the first plug-in to offer the combination of exceptional audio quality, incredible DSP efficiency and a comprehensive user interface, ChannelStrip lets users work as efficiently and interactively as they would with a dedicated, world-class mixing console.

SpectraFoo has been designed to provide all of the tools you need for a powerful suite of digital meters, with all of the resolution of hardware meters at a fraction of the price. With more than 15 individual metering tools, SpectraFoo gives you all of the information you need to analyze and prepare your audio, for production, performance, mastering, or broadcast.

All the Metric Halo Plug-ins are worth investing in and at the Black Friday-Cyber Monday promo prices are waiting to be grabbed up without hesitation.

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