SONiVOX announce the Premier Collection and a special priced upgrade for SONiVOX customers


SONiVOX announce the release of their “Premier Collection”. To celebrate this release, if you own any SONiVOX virtual instrument, you can upgrade for only $49.99!

Get the SONiVOX Premier Collection Here

Get the SONiVOX Premier Collection Upgrade for ONLY $49.99

About the SONiVOX Premier Collection :

If you are a composer / producer this collection from SONiVOX is the one to have. It contains a wide range of essential instruments that will feed your creativity and other more exotic ones that that provide fresh new colours and timbres to inspire you.

Premier Collection by Sonivox is for you. This collection of 19 instruments has it all… Every Orchestral instrument you can imagine, vibrant, lifelike piano, the full spectrum of dynamic percussion sounds, Hip Hop stylings and every electronic effect there is, including all the synth, grunge and grime you’ll ever need. It’s all here, perfectly organized, easy to use and ready to go.

The Premier Collection includes:

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