Flux announce an exciting Winter Sale on their leading bundles


Flux is participating in the Winter Sale craziness with promos on their Ircam Studio at only $399 (List $799) and Full Pack 2.2 at only $449 (List $899), available from today.

Get Ircam Studio for only $399

Get Full Pack 2.2 for only $449

About the Ircam Studio Bundle :

The IRCAM Studio bundle includes products which are the result of over twenty years of research in the realm of music related digital signal processing. Ircam and Flux present you with a series of products evolved from two major fields of technology, Acoustic & Cognitive Spaces, and Sound Analysis & Synthesis.

About Full Pack 2.2 :

This complete range of plug-ins provides the best tools around for processing audio with up to 8 channels and up to 384 KHz with 64 bit float processing. Sold separately these would cost over $3000 (MSRP). Flux Full Pack 2.2 includes their recent BitterSweet Pro plug-in.

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