Rob Papen update RAW-Kick with NKS support !


Rob Papen has updated RAW-Kick. It is now compatible with the NI NKS system. So if you own Komplete Kontrol or Maschine, please download the latest NKS installer of RAW-Kick.

Get Rob Papen’s RAW-Kick Here !

In addition for this update, there are some added new features and presets: -

  • Big screen option.
  • New Play modes, which are ‘Mono Note’ and ‘Legato Note’.
  • These two new modes in the ‘Master Section’ of RAW-Kick allow you to use the note length for controlling the length of the kick sound.
  • New preset bank by Dutch producer ‘Rob Fabrie’.
  • Some new presets in the Edged bank, and also a new bank with ‘example’ presets.

If you own RAW-Kick or the eXplorer-5 bundle, you can obtain this update if you log in to your account at the Rob Papen website, and download the latest installer.

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