Blue Cat Audio’s Axiom on sale for Guitar Month

Blue Cat Audio AXIOM Guitar Month 2019

Blue Cat Audio’s Axiom Guitar plug-in is available for only $149 during our Guitar Month here at DontCrack. Grab your guitar, get Axiom(ified), plug in and rock the night away…

Get Blue Cat Audio Axiom Here !

Axiom includes two amp simulations channels and 40 built-in effects that can be loaded in any of the 32 plug-in slots, and all mixed together or used alternatively like a real amp.

Choose your amp models from hundreds of presets or launch the amp editor to build your own, with complete control over the tone. Additional input and master sections let you adjust the tone at the input and the output of Axiom, with 4 additional effect slots each and an integrated high precision tuner. A brickwall limiter also protects the output from overshoot.

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