GRM adds an exciting new module to Spaces


Our friends at GRM have added a fourth plug-in called “Spaces3D” to the GRM Tools Spaces Bundle. To celebrate this event the Spaces Bundle is on promo until the end of January for only $99.

Get GRM’s Spaces Bundle with its new Spaces3D module for only $99

About the new module GRM Spaces3D

The Spaces3D enables you to easily move any source of multichannel sound (from 1 to 64 channels) in a multichannel space (from 1 to 64 channels) in three dimensions. The movement can be free, random, or can follow trajectories predetermined by the user. There are now four modules in the Spaces Bundle, Spaces, SpaceGrain, SpaceFilter and now, Spaces3D.

The new Version 3.7.3 that includes Spaces3D is FREE for registered owners of the GRM Tools Spaces Bundle. It is available on the download section of the Spaces product page:

Get GRM Tools Spaces Bundle 3.7.3

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