Plug & Mix Classic Flanger 60% off during ‘Guitar Month’


A vintage Flanger effect can be used on anything to liven the sound up, but it is perfect for guitars. Classic Flanger from Plug & Mix is a silky smooth flanger effect that can go from subtle to extreme in an instant.

Get Classic Flanger Here !
for Only $19 (List $49)

About Classic Flanger :

This versatile plug-in models Classic, M-Tron and Stompbox flanger models that are still the industry standards.

Guitar players will find the P&M Classic Flanger especially easy to use because of it’s simple, familiar layout. Choose from 3 different Flanger models and then use the Depth and Feedback knobs to adjust the strength of the effect.

P&M Classic Flanger Controls:

  • Speed – Changes the speed of the flanging effect.
  • Depth – Changes the depth of the flanging effect.
  • Sync – Synchronizes the speed (rate) of the flanger to your host BPM.
  • Feedback – Adds positive or negative feedback.
  • Selector buttons – Choose between Classic, M-Tron or Stomp flanger modes.
  • Mix – Dry/Wet Mix of the plug-in.
  • Out – Controls the output level of the plug-in.

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