PSP L’otary2 50% off for Guitar Month


The Leslie speaker is great for organs, but it is even better on a guitar! PSP L’otary2 will provide that whirling, rotating sound for only $49!(List $99).

Get PSP L’otary2 Here for only $49 !

About PSP L’otary2 :

PSP based their algorithm upon two original and legendary models: the Leslie 122 and 147, and spent hundreds of hours perfecting our simulations.

In other words, this is not just another modulation effect! PSP L’otary2 is capable of reproducing as precisely as possible the classic sounds of those famous rotary speakers.

That said, the PSP L’otary2 is capable of creative divergences from the original. For example, you could set up both the rotating high frequency horn and the rotating low frequency drum independently from each other and emulate speakers with a static drum or even a broken horn or drum engine.

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