AKAI Professional VIP Plus and VIP Standard on Promo


Save over 70% on AKAI Professional’s VIP Plus and VIP Standard from today until the end of March. Akai’s award-winning VIP is the first and only music software that enables you to control your entire VST instrument and FX library directly from any keyboard.

Get VIP Plus for only $69.99 (List $249.99)

Get VIP Standard for only $39.99 (List $149.99)

About AKAI Professional’s VIP Plus and VIP Standard :

The VIP3 3.1 Plus bundle includes AKAI’s VIP 3.1 software and the following Air Music’s plug-ins: CREATIVE FX Plus, Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, Xpand!2, Loom 1 and the ToolRoom Hybrid 3 Expansions, Plus, 40 Multis pre-built featuring chords from many popular songs for instant inspiration.

VIP Standard extends the capabilities beyond what any DAW offers by empowering you to quickly create and play “multis.” A multi allows you to combine up to 8 patches from 1 or more plugins, with the ability to layer, mix and pan these patches all at once.

VIP software users can also create setlists that provide on-demand access to your customized instruments for stage performance and studio work. By simply pressing a single button on any Keyboard, you can adapt to song changes as the live performance progresses-without ever reaching for your computer.

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