Audified announce ToneSpot Bass Pro


The ToneSpot Bass Pro will drastically improve your bass tones no matter what amp, pedal or other plug-in you are using. It can be purchased at the special introductory price of only $44 (List $99) for a limited time only.

Get ToneSpot Bass Pro Here !

You need that outstanding bass guitar tone you are hearing on your favorite album. So you bought an awesome instrument and a fantastic amp. Maybe you have also bought some beautiful stomp boxes, expensive rack units and phenomenal microphones. Or you are use some amp simulation plugins.

But your dream-tone is not there when it is recorded and mixed with the rest of the band? You are endlessly tweaking and tweaking your sound, you tried everything. No success.

And that’s why you need ToneSpot.

When a professional audio engineer is building that awesome tone in the studio, he is often running it through some heavy lifting. Blending several re-amping chains with massive filtering, heavy compression, equalization, saturation or even some multiband processing and maybe some other crazy stuff. ToneSpot Bass Pro gives you that kind of processing in one plug-in.

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