Acousticsamples SmallDrumKits on ‘Drum Month’ promo


With Acousticsamples SmallDrumKits you get 4 different Drum Kits to experiment with. Each one has up to 10 velocity layers to maximize the expressiveness of your drum sounds. On promo now during ‘Drum Month’!

Get SmallDrumKits for only $35 (List $49)

Acousticsamples SmallDrumKits Features :

  • KitA:149Mb (71Mb compressed) 331 samples.
  • KitB 61Mb (33Mb compressed) 199 samples.
  • KitC:295Mb (136Mb compressed) 288 samples.
  • DrumysM:363Mb (208Mb compressed) 537 samples.
  • Round Robins (4 for Kit A,C and DrumysM and 2 for Kit B).
  • Up to 10 velocity layers depending on the kit.
  • Detailed instruments with the most common strokes, each one is easy to play.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key from the interface in two different ways.You can even assign multiple elements to the same key.
  • Custom mix, you can change the volume of each element separately.
  • Mappings presets: GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT (NDK) or default one.
  • cc# controlled Hihat with different openess and automatic closing sound.
  • Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features.

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