Audified release ToneSpot Drum Pro

Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro

Audified release ToneSpot Drum Pro, available now, on promo until July 11 at $49 bucks #HALFPRICE !

“Improve the tone of your acoustic, electric or synth drums and percussion today”

Highlights :

Swiss Army Knife solution for all tone hunters. Designed to fit the modern genres as well as the more traditional ones.

- Best mixing tricks for drums processing
- Monstrous processing power and flexibility
- Musically labeled controls
- Settings based on the analysis of thousands of world-class records
- Time-saver: No need to use many plug-ins
- Intelligent gain staging

Tone Hunting :

You need that outstanding drum tone you are hearing on your favorite album. So you bought an awesome drumkit or a drum machine. Maybe you have also bought some quality triggers and beautiful drum samples to extend your tonal palette, you have bought expensive rack units and phenomenal microphones. You use many hi-end plugins. But what? Your dream-tone is not there when recorded and mixed with the rest of the band? You are endlessly tweaking and tweaking your sound, you tried everything. No success.


Drums can take a lot of processing. It’s because the drums get a lot of attention in the music and for some genres are really crucial. So it´s very important to get the drums sound just right. Drums can fight against busy arrangement with several layers of instruments. Or the recordings are sounding too sterile, thin or harsh. So you need the tone that can cut through. The drum tone has to be punchy and fat sounding, but it also needs to have a lot of clarity and tightness at the same time. But it’s not all! Even if the drums are heavily processed, sometimes they still also have to be very natural sounding at some point.

And that’s why you need ToneSpot !

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