Melda Production celebrate their 10th Anniversary with 50% Off All Products !


Celebrate 10 years with a MASSIVE 50% Off (until Aug. 4th) on Melda Production plug-ins & bundles !

About Melda Production

Melda products offer the best sound on the market, incredible workflow and versatility beyond your imagination. They create the deepest and the most powerful audio plugins with unbelievable sound and tons of unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.

Innovative Thinking

At MeldaProduction, the most advanced tools for music production and audio processing are created and inspired by a whole range of tools from ancient analogue gear to the newest digital creations, but always pushing forward.

The audio industry is extremely conservative, still relying on the prehistoric equipment making the job unnecessarily slow and complicated. That’s why they’ve invent new technologies, making audio processing easier, faster, better sounding and more creative!

Sound Matters

In the world full of audiophiles you just need superb audio quality. And that’s why Melda spend so much time perfecting their audio algorithms until they sound unbeatable. Everything from dynamic filters to spectral dynamic processing. The technologies just sound perfect.

Inspiring User Interfaces

Modern user interfaces must not only be easy and quick to use, but also versatile and the whole visual appearance should inspire you. MeldaProduction plugins provide the most advanced GUI engine on the market. It is still the first and only GUI engine which is freely resizable and stylable. Their plugins can look like ancient vintage gear, if you are working on old-school rock music. Or as super-modern futuristic devices if you are working on modern electronic music. Pick the style and main colours for each plug-in and off you go.

Easy to Use, Yet Versatile

The only limit is your imagination. Melda’s plugins are, with absolutely no doubt, the most powerful and versatile tools on the market. Yet they have also made the plugins easy to use with Active Presets and the Smart Randomization system. But when you are ready, you are one click away from the endless potential the plugins provide, giving you access to all the plugin parameters.

Never-Ending Improvements

Most companies create a plugin, sell it and abandon it. Melda constantly improve their plugins, add features, optimize… until there is nothing left to improve and there are no more ideas. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet, so they keep going :). And the best thing is that the updates are free-for-life!

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