Audified release ToneSpot Drum Express


Improve the tone of your acoustic, electric, synth drums and percussion with ToneSpot Drum Express !

ToneSpot Drum Express is a little brother of the Pro version here.

No more tweaking. Get inspired by the sound and explore some new colors. Across genres & styles, immediately. Dirt cheap. Express delivers exactly the same sound quality and exactly the same amount of processing power, but with minimum controls so you can get the sweetspot of your tone super-fast. ToneSpot Drum Express is a preset-based plug-in that improves your tone in one click.

Features :

  • Best mixing tricks for drums processing
  • Monstrous processing power and flexibility
  • Musically labeled controls
  • Settings based on the analysis of thousands of world-class records
  • Time-saver: No need to use many plug-ins
  • Intelligent gain staging

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